Reverting to type

I’m sure most quillers would agree that when it comes to card making, the written greeting can be the most challenging element to create, especially if – like me – you really don’t like ‘peel-offs’, and you need to complete a card in a hurry!

For me, peel-offs are tacky (in more ways than one!); hand-written greetings hardly ever look good enough (unless you are a skilled calligrapher); stencilling is OK but time-consuming … and quilled lettering? Well, that looks terrific if you’ve got the time and inclination to tackle it, but just isn’t a practical proposition when time is pressing.

As most of my followers know, I almost always look for a digital solution to challenges like these, and I generally find that my computer has the answer to my problems! Over the years I’ve been exploring many different ways of printing the backgrounds and greetings for my quilled cards – and lately I’ve started playing with typography to try and make my printed greetings an integral part of the overall card design.

Here are some of my most recent creations, all of which seem to have been well received. I like to repeat my greeting over and over in a mixture of different typefaces, thereby creating an additional design element in the form of a block of text.


The cards in the row at the top of the picture have the text block printed at an angle to form a frame for my quilling. The other three cards utilise a printed text background cut out to fit precisely within an embossed frame.

I also utilised pre-printed card blanks for a workshop that I held earlier this week for a group of Girl Guides who wanted to create Mothers Day cards. I always find these workshops SO rewarding, as kids seem to pick up the principles of rolling and shaping coils so fast, and are soon adding their own creative twists to any pre-planned quilled design!

In this picture, you can see the basic sample card that I had developed for the workshop on the right, standing alongside one of the girls’ very pretty variations …


… and here are some more of their lovely creations:


Well done, girls – I’m proud of you!!


4 thoughts on “Reverting to type

    1. quilliance Post author

      Thank you! I have neglected my blog just lately, but hope to post some more things soon! Meanwhile, I have just enjoyed a visit to your site too … your have some great creations on there. Philippa



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