About me

scan-psr-portrait-2My name is Philippa and I am passionate about quilling (the art of paper filigree). I believe that the rolling and shaping of paper strips has almost limitless artistic potential, and I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this beautiful, ancient art.

I am an Accredited (Higher Level) Fellow of The Quilling Guild, and an enthusiastic member of the Guild’s Committee in the UK.   I am also proud to be the Editor of Quillers Today, The Quilling Guild’s highly-acclaimed members’ magazine, as well as Quilling Now!, its members’ blog.

I demonstrate quilling, run workshops and offer private tuition as you can see on my ‘Learn To Quill’ website here.

Most of all, however, I enjoy creating my own quilled artwork and jewellery … and this is the activity to which I dedicate this blog.

You can contact me by sending an email to: philippa.reid@yahoo.co.uk




4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Annie Ferrand

    I like your work, you are very creative and your quilling is so smart and beautiful. I am french and I like very much quilling. I manage a little group of quilling (and crafting) in southwest of France. I shall looking for the magazine Quillers today if it is possible to receive it in foreign countries.


    1. quilliance Post author

      Dear Annie
      Thank you! I really appreciate your comment here and also the ones you leave for me on Facebook! If you would like to receive Quillers Today magazine, all you have to do is become a member of The Quilling Guild – it is very easy to join the Guild via this link: https://membermojo.co.uk/quillingguild . If you choose to view the magazine online via our members’ blog, you can join the Guild for one year as an Online Member for just £7.50 (approximately 9 Euros). Or, if you would prefer to have a printed copy of the magazine mailed to your home in France, you can pay an annual fee of £23.00 (approximately 28 Euros) to become a Full Member and then you would also be able to access the blog as well. I do hope that you will join us – I am sure you would enjoy reading our magazine and blog, and both of them would certainly give you lots of ideas for your quilling group.
      Thanks again and kind regards



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