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Different voices … and an exciting giveaway

A quiller’s dream

Beautifully written

“A wonderful resource for both new and experienced quillers”

Jam-packed full of up to date, important and useful information

A first class analysis of our fabulous craft

Until recently, the only online ‘voice’ talking about my new book ‘QUILLING The art of paper filigree’ has been my own …but now, just days after publication in the UK (soon to be followed by scheduled release dates across the world), feedback is starting to reach me from a chorus of different people who have seen it for the very first time.

The quotations shown above are some of the initial comments that have come my way online, and truly they are music to my ears. Such comments suggest that I may, after all, have succeeded in my quest to produce a thoroughly practical book that both informs and inspires, demonstrating the amazing creative potential of all the different quilling techniques in their almost infinite variety.

Today, another voice has been added to the chorus. I’m delighted to say that Ann Martin has featured the book on her wonderfully informative All Things Paper blog, offering readers the chance to win a free copy in an international giveaway, by kind courtesy of the publishers The Crowood Press!

Ann’s post gives a very detailed insight into what’s inside the book, including selected page images and some of my own commentary.

Of course, if you just can’t wait to see how you fare in the giveaway, you can purchase a paperback or electronic copy of the book direct from the publishers right here via this link.


QUILLING – the art of paper filigree

It’s happening at last! The first advance copies of my book ‘QUILLING – the art of paper filigree‘ – arrived in the UK yesterday, and my publishers, Crowood Press, have already created a page for it on their website for pre-orders. If you’d like to reserve a copy for delivery as soon as it is published, you can access the direct link here.

Publication is scheduled for July 2019, as we wait for the bulk shipment of books to arrive by sea. Meanwhile, however, I am finally free to reveal the cover artwork, along with the detailed back-page overview of what the book contains.

As I explained in my last post, this is a quilling book with a difference. Unlike other project-based books that currently proliferate in the crafting market, my book is intended to be a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide that aims to describe every aspect of quilling in all its inspirational variety. It deals with hands-on practicalities in a very detailed way, seeking to encourage readers’ own innate creativity through the mastery of technique. In short, it’s designed to inspire!

I am proud of the cover artwork, which was a project I worked on during my artist’s residency at Taunton’s wonderful CICCIC gallery last year.

Here’s the finished framed piece which was designed to sum up the scope of the book, using a broad mix of techniques to illustrate the vast range of different visual effects that can be achieved in the context of colourful circles and spirals. Unconventional, maybe – but a genuine expression of my own creative heart.

All that remains is for me to commend this book to you, and trust that it will be received in the same open-minded creative spirit as that in which it was written.

Let me leave you with a few quotes from the text:

Appreciation of the sheer variety of techniques that can be utilised in quilling is the key to realising its full creative potential.

There is a wealth of creative potential to be found beyond the realm of the closed loose coil.

The intricacy of a quilled design can be both impressive and daunting in equal measure. However, when broken down into its constituent parts, a quilling usually reveals itself as much less complex than appearances may suggest.

If any or all of these sentiments ring true in your mind, maybe this is the book you have been waiting for…

My book – the final countdown!

A glimpse of the front cover artwork

The final proofs have been checked and signed off … and now my book – ‘QUILLING – THE ART OF PAPER FILIGREE’ – is going off to print, ready for worldwide publication in July 2019!

This photo shows the quilled piece which I created especially for the photograph on the front cover.

Apart from a brief outing at the Quilling Guild‘s Celebration Weekend last year, I’ve been keeping it largely ‘under wraps’ until now.

The time has now come, I feel, to tell the whole story of how the idea of the book first came into being.

It had never been my intention to write a book, as I am always kept busy in my role as Editor of Quillers Today magazine for Guild members, in addition to my own quilled projects. Out of the blue, however, I was contacted by the Commissioning Editor of the UK-based Crowood Press at the end of February last year, stating that they wanted to commission a practical book on quilling – and would I be interested in writing it for them?

At first, I hesitated. The requirement for 25,000 – 30,000 words and 150+ photos sounded like an awful lot of work on top of all my other commitments! As an experienced freelance writer, however – (my past career for many years) – I knew that I could do it … but I felt equally clear about the the only type of book I’d be prepared to write.

My book would have to be different from all the other project-based books that currently proliferate in the crafting market. It would be a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide presenting every aspect of quilling in all its inspirational variety. It would deal with hands-on practicalities in a very detailed way, seeking to encourage readers’ own innate creativity through the mastery of technique.

I shared this viewpoint with the Editor, who replied reassuringly that “it seems we both want to publish the same book”!

I was hooked. I brainstormed a synopsis for the work over the course of a weekend, and from that point on – once contracts had been signed – the book literally powered its way out of my head like an express train!!

It took me nine months in total, with several weeks’ break during the Summer which were taken up fulfilling various arts festival and other commitments.

The writing was completed just before Christmas 2018. I was told that the manuscript would be passed to a Copy Editor who might suggest changes or raise queries if anything didn’t make sense. There were none! My copy and photographs were passed straight through to the typesetter without any requests for alterations. When the layout came back to me for proof-reading, the corrections needed were minimal. Such a smooth passage through the production process has boosted my confidence no end! Now the files are being passed to an overseas printer, and I must wait patiently for delivery of the printed books which will eventually arrive in the UK by container ship, in time for publication in July.

Once published, it will be available to order (internationally) through the publisher’s website, as well as being sold through bookshops. I will share more information about this just as soon as I am able.

Meanwhile, patience (tempered by a degree of trepidation!) is the order of the day.

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of the process. This book means more to me than all the brochures, newsletters and PR features I wrote throughout a lengthy freelance career in marketing, most of which now lie forgotten in a box, unlooked at and unloved. Quilling has undoubtedly become my life in recent years … and this book will surely be my legacy.