It’s all happening in Taunton!

There are now just six weeks to go until the Taunton Live Arts Festival 2016, and from my point of view things are really starting to come together!

Last week I received confirmation that permission has been granted for my exhibition of quilled collage pictures in St Mary Magdalene church to go ahead, and so now I am busy sourcing the necessary display stands and designing the flyer leaflets that will accompany the pieces. I have written before about the breathtaking beauty and atmosphere of this wonderful church – see this previous post – and I cannot tell you how privileged I feel to be able to display some of my work in the very place that has inspired several of my quilled tracery patterns. Although I have now completed the six pieces that will be on show (from 18th July – 6th August), my brain is buzzing with more ideas after visiting the church again last week – hopefully I will find some time to explore some of them in the weeks ahead.

Just as the exhibition had been confirmed, I also received word from Taunton Library that the poster for my pre-bookable quilling workshop on 22nd July 2016 is now ready – here it is:

Library workshop poster

I have limited the places at this workshop to a maximum of 10 so that I can give each of the participants plenty of individual attention. If there is sufficient interest, however, I have agreed to stage a second workshop at a later date, so that anyone who misses out on this one will not be disappointed. Watch this space!

Now I am just waiting to confirm the details of the drop-in ‘make and take’ workshop that I will be running in the Orchard Shopping Centre, Taunton, on Thursday 21st July 2016. Hopefully there will soon be a poster available for that event too.

During my visit last week, I also delivered the two quilled festival logos that I had made at the organisers’ request, and I was delighted to learn that these are to be awarded as prizes to people who produce outstanding creative work after attending one of the many workshops included in the festival programme – what an honour!

I cannot describe how much it means to me to be so deeply involved in a festival of the arts in the place that I love beyond all others. One day I hope to be able to make my home in the Taunton area once again, but until then this is unquestionably the next best thing!!



It’s all here!

I’ve been interviewed!!  Everything you might ever have wanted to know about my quilling life (and probably plenty more besides!) is here on Jennifer Grier’s Paper Spiral blog:

Musings of a magazine editor

Such is the power of social media that I seem to be picking up new ‘Followers’ of my blog and ‘Likers’ of my Facebook page at an amazing rate, despite the fact that I haven’t actually published any new material on either of them for ages! Suffice to say that life, death and family matters have conspired to divert me from playing a particularly active role in the world of quilling over the past couple of months … and all this has unfortunately kept Quilliance very quiet indeed.

So, finally, I am ready to break the silence and re-connect with all my wonderful online friends again. But, do you know what? The truth is, I’ve gone and done it again! Yes, folks, I’ve embarked on another huge new quilling project that I can’t actually blog about yet because it’s destined for entry into this year’s Quilling Guild competitions, and must therefore remain under wraps. D’oh!! Being the glutton for punishment that I am, it’s a complicated piece which is going to include well in excess of 1,500 tight pegs – some plain, some multi-coloured and ALL of them finger-rolled without holes in the middle! I must be mad!

I AM going to try and develop a few more new quilling ideas alongside this project, however, so hopefully I will be able to produce enough new interesting posts to justify my followers’ continuing interest in me.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that I’m also getting busy again preparing features for ‘Quillers Today’, The Quilling Guild‘s exclusive members’ magazine. I’m SO excited about the forthcoming Spring edition! One of the best things about being a magazine editor is that you never know quite what the next email or postal delivery is going to bring – and I’ve received some amazing material from members in recent weeks, including some breathtaking examples of antique quilling that, as far as I know, have never been seen in public before! The filigree work created by 16th and 17th Century Carmelite nuns is already well documented in quilling history, but did you know that the tradition of quilling in Carmelite monasteries continues to this day? Well, neither did I until I learned of it recently from some newly-recruited members of The Quilling Guild … and what I’ve discovered is going to make a fabulous feature in the magazine! If you don’t want to miss it, simply join us as a Member of The Quilling Guild. The next magazine is due to be published in early Spring.

Another source of excitement is the fact that I’ve just been asked to stage a workshop for a very enthusiastic young quiller’s 9th birthday party next month – that should be a lovely, if chaotic, experience! I’ll let you know how I get on.

Well, there you go – I’ve broken my silence at last. And I really will try not to leave it so long next time!

Happy new year everyone!


A new beginning

It’s FINISHED!!!! The huge quilling project that I’ve been working on for the past 7 months is finally complete! I will not be able to post anything publicly about it for quite a while yet, but at least now I’ll be able to start working on some new ideas and get back to regular blogging once again. Having used up the photo storage allowance on my original Quilliance blog, I’m very excited to be starting afresh here, and can’t wait to resume sharing ideas with all my online friends. It may be a cliche, but today really does feel like the first day of the rest of my life!!